Revolutionize Your WordPress Experience with Our Innovative Maintenance Team

Unlock the full potential of your website with our elite WordPress maintenance plans – guaranteeing lightning-fast speed, superior maintenance and no commitment required.

Focus on growing your business and leave the maintenance and management of your WordPress website to us.

Save time and streamline your online business operations with our turnkey technical solution for your WordPress website. Our team of experts will handle all aspects of hosting, plugin/theme updates to content management, security, and performance, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

Why work with us?

We offer an all-encompassing service that takes care of every aspect of your website needs, from high-speed hosting to website maintenance and management, SEO analysis, bug and issue resolution, content updates and beyond.

With our service, there is no need to spend on hosting, hire a technical team, WordPress developers, admin, and the like. We handle it all, saving you up to 66%.

Our service utilizes Google Cloud hosting, specifically designed for WordPress, and we guarantee unrivalled performance with our optimization methods.

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Your website maintenance and management project deserves

the best vendor

and we are here to help.

With over 6+ years of experience, we have developed a system that is 100% focused on WordPress for developing and maintaining websites for our clients.

Our methods allow you to achieve the best results and performance.

Benefits of Using Our Website Maintenance Services


We Will Fully Manage Your Website.

We will assist in managing your website fully. Starting from:

  • Fixing bugs and issues,
  • Changing website layout or design (as per your request),
  • Performing detailed SEO analysis and implementing necessary changes (SEO Audit Action).

WordPress Development

You don’t need to specifically hire a WordPress developer to fix anything related to WordPress.

Website Editing

Focus your time on running your business and hand over any changes (editing, publishing, changing layout, etc.) on your website to us.

SEO Audit

We will conduct regular audits and monitor your website’s On-page SEO. Plus, we’ll make adjustments to ensure your website remains outstanding in the eyes of Google.

two-number-roundBoost Your Website’s Performance

A slow hosting +
unoptimized WordPress = Big trouble!

A fast-loading website is crucial for all websites, especially since Google takes page speed into account in its algorithm.

Additionally, research shows that every one second delay in page load time can decrease conversion rates by 7%.

We’ll optimize your website’s speed to ensure that your page load time is under 1 second.

Google Cloud Hosting

We’ll host your website on infrastructure built and managed directly by Google, used by major companies such as HTC, BestBuy, and Philips.

Speed Optimization

With Google Cloud hosting and our optimization methods, your website will be super-optimized and receive a good score on Google PageSpeed Insights and pass the Core Web Vitals.

Performance Monitoring

To ensure a good user experience, we’ll regularly monitor your website’s speed to keep it at its best performance.


Security is Critical for Your Business Website

The security of your WordPress website can have a significant impact on your company’s reputation.

Let us take care of ensuring the safety of your website from hackers, so you can focus on growing your business.

No need to worry about installing security plugins or configuring server settings, or hiring an expert. We’ve got you covered.

WordPress Security & Firewall

Your website will be placed on a “closed network” platform and provided with protection against potential malware detection. Plus, a WAF (Web Application Firewall) is set up to block more than 2 million requests every 24 hours.

Full Backup

We will back up your website daily and provide backup files for up to 60 days.

WordPress Updates

Our team ensures that your website is protected against any potential security threats by regularly updating your WordPress software every week. We will not leave any vulnerabilities that can lead to cyber attacks on your website.

Get weekly detailed performance reports of your website

We’ll send you a comprehensive report on the current state of your website every week. These reports include vital information on website speed, traffic, uptime, security, and SEO rank tracking.

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Unleash the power of your website with our easy 1-2-3 process.

Collaborate with us, whether you’re a small business, a large corporation, a charity, an agency, or any other type of organization.

Choose your maintenance plan

Choose the perfect plan for your needs. We offer three options with monthly payment options.

Discuss with you and your team

Through Email to discuss the scope of your WordPress website maintenance project.

Executing the action plan

The first step is to conduct initial analysis and research on performance, SEO, and security issues on your WordPress website.

Focus on your business

We’ll work behind the scenes and ensure that your website is operating at its best. We’ll send the first report one week after work begins.

Google Cloud Hosting – included.

We have tested and reviewed various hosting providers over the past 7 years and based on our testing and experience, we have concluded that Google Cloud is the best.

Our general Google Cloud specifications are:

  • Google Premium Network
  • 7 GB storage (need more? Contact us)
  • 15.000 visits/bulan
  • SSL certificate
  • Automatic daily backup
  • Supports up to PHP 8.1
  • Staging environment
  • Security: Safe by default, no need for additional security plugins or services
  • Detection & blocking of potential security threats

Our Google Cloud can be customized to fit the needss of your website.

This means that no matter if your website is new, has significant traffic, or requires heavy resources with high CPU and RAM usage, we have you covered.

Need additional storage and bandwidth? Contact us.

Yes. In fact, our own website, Harun Studio, uses WordPress Multisite.

Yes, your website will be hosted on Google Cloud. Your server will be managed directly by Google.

As an additional note, major companies such as eBay, Best Buy, and Philips also use Google Cloud.

In addition, based on our tests, Google Cloud’s uptime is extremely stable. We can guarantee an average uptime of over 99.90% every month.


Choose Your WordPress Maintenance Plan

No long-term contracts required, you can opt for monthly payments.



/ month

Premium Hosting + Premium Security

Includes premium hosting and security measures, as well as emergency support in case of website malfunctions or errors.

Monthly website health report

Weekly WordPress updates

Google cloud hosting


Basic speed optimization

Emergency support

Daily backups

14-day backup retention

24/7 uptime and domain monitoring

Real-time security monitoring



/ month

Membantu mengelola website Anda

Achieve maximum website management to help win the business competition.

Everything from maintenance plan

All your content managed

Weekly performance report of your website

1 hour website edits/month

WordPress expert support

30-day backup retention

Staging environment

Database optimization

Advanced speed optimization

Core web vitals monitoring

Free SEOPress PRO plugin



/ month

Dukungan Prioritas Pengelolaan website

When you need unlimited support, plus priority support and SEO assistance.

Everything from maintenance plan

Everything from management plan

Unlimited website edits

Google DNS

Google CDN

60-day backup retention

Priority support

Priority emergency support

Free SEOPress Pro plugin

Monitoring of 100 keywords ranking

Page speed monitoring

Broken link monitoring

Monthly SEO audit

Monthly SEO audit action

Free website redesign (with a minimum contract of 12 months)

Hardcore security hardening

Do you have an ambitious project in mind or are you looking for a custom offer?



Your satisfaction is our top priority. Before starting any work, we will first make a backup of your website. If the optimization results we provide do not meet your expectations, we will restore your website exactly as it was before we touched it, and we will refund your money 100%.

Have a question?
We have the answer.

What do I need to prepare for my website maintenance needs?

Once you have chosen a plan and contacted us to discuss your maintenance project, we will send you a customer acceptance form so we can gather all the details we need.

You don’t need to prepare anything specifically, just your website information such as your WordPress login. You may also need to assist us with changing your DNS (with our guidance).

This helps us connect to your website to set up the services we offer, such as migrating your hosting to our Google Cloud, setting up backups, SSL, CDN (if needed), DNS and performing advanced speed optimization. Our staff will keep your credentials confidential and will never share them with anyone not related to us.

How do I request updates or support?

You can reach out to us via email for any assistance you may require.

What is included in website updates/edits?

Our services include layout changes, customizing themes and plugins, and CSS edits. Essentially, anything that can be done directly from the WordPress dashboard, but does not involve your website’s content. This is because content management is already included in our Management or Unlimited plan.

What is not included is helping you design your website (via Figma for example) and developing custom/specific plugins.

How many website update requests can I send at once?

You can request as many changes at once as you need. The time it takes to complete them will depend on the changes you request, but we aim to complete them within less than 1 business day.

Can you manage eCommerce websites?

Not currently.

What is included in emergency support?

Emergency support service is used when your website suddenly has an error or issue that prevents it from being opened/used as it should. Most issues can be temporarily resolved by restoring your website to a previous backup file before the problem occurred.

If your website is damaged due to changes made by a different developer, there may be additional charges to fix it.

Is technical assistance available 24/7?

Our service hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. However, for all matters related to hosting and security, we strive to be available 24/7. We ensure your website is at optimal level, so you don’t have to spend much time requesting technical assistance and you can focus on running your business calmly.

What if my website gets hacked?

We monitor your website in real-time. If your website gets hacked, we will immediately start to fix it. If the repair is not possible, we will restore your website’s backup from the last 24 hours or before your website got hacked and will strengthen your website from future hacker attacks.

What happens if I cancel my service?

Every website we build is 100% for our clients. We will not force you to stay with us, we also do not ask you to sign a contract or work agreement. Life happens. If in the middle, say month 3, month 6 or after 12 months you want to cancel your service, that’s no problem for us. We will even help you to transfer your website to the hosting provider you designate without any additional charge. And we are still friends : )

I need full website design services, can you also do it?

Yes, we can help you. We would be happy to help you design your website, including its development. We don’t just want to be your website vendor, we want to be your partner. We are happy to help you bring your company’s vision to market.

Got questions or a project you want to discuss? Our team is here to help! We’re passionate about what we do and we’re always happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your business.